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Velez Computer System
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Velez Computer System (VCS) started business operation on March 1985.  VCS became leader in PC network with Gateway Communication and Novell Distribution in Puerto Rico.  Leading Edge and Basic Time computers were sold to almost all the University of PR campuses.  Government agencies like PREPA, PRASA, Hacienda, Contralor, Justice Department, Port Authority, Highway Authority and others purchased our networks and Servers. Business like Destileria Serralles, Bacardi, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Universal Insurance, GA Insurance, Popular Leasing, Doral, HF and others purchased our equipment.

In 2000 we started a migration of our customer to open source Linux network.  Other open source project like Asterisk opened the opportunity to provide our customers with a cost effective telecommunication solutions that provided a unified solution of voice, fax and emails. 

Another solution was to integrate security IP cameras and IP access control to new and existing customers.  LAN switches were providing power to telephones, IP cameras and Biometric access control.  Intellio IP cameras/software solutions that reads License plate and detect movement with virtual fences is a cost effective security solution.

Internet Protocol (IP) also is used on our storage servers (NAS/SAN) using iSCSI to attach large storage to several physical or virtual servers.